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Christmas Decorations

Decoration Storage Tips


It’s the end of the holiday season which means it’s time to put away your decorations. Here are a few tips for storing your decorations.

  • Sorting and Organizing: You will want to sort through your decorations and organize like items together. By keeping similar items together and organized, you will make the next decoration process easier. Additionally, it is a good time to pick out items that you can either donate or throw away. These will be items that are old (but not sentimental), broken, or outdated that you don’t use or want anymore.
  • Packing: When you pack everything into boxes make sure your items are protected and neat.
    •  Lights: Cut a thick piece of cardboard down to the size of a piece of paper (8.5” x 11”). Then wrap the lights around that piece of cardboard. This will help keep the lights from getting tangled.
    • Ornaments: Keep ornaments organized and protected by using clean egg cartons. This will make them easy to stack in a box and protect them from getting crushed. Make sure to wrap the ornaments in tissue paper for extra protection. Start collecting egg cartons now.
    • Wreath: Wrap your wreath in a plastic bag to keep them clean. If you have space to hang, you can put the wreath on a hanger before wrapping in a plastic bag.
  •  Storing: Once everything is packed make sure to label each box and keep everything together so it’s easy to find next year.


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