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Whether you are moving down the street, to the other side of town or across the country, the process of sorting, packing and moving your belongings can be stressful. Knowing the best material to use when packing could significantly reduce the stress. Here are some of our recommendations on products to use when packing:

Boxes: The essential material for any move. Did you know there is a measured test for the strength of these simple corrugated brown boxes? There are two different types of tests to determine the stacking strength of a box. The most popular is ECT or “Edge Crush Test.” You may also see BST, which stands for “Burst Strength Test.” On the bottom of most boxes, you will find the results which will help you determine how much weight the box will be able to handle. Our boxes have 32 lb ECT and a 65 lb gross weight limit.

  • Small: This box is best for storing tools, books, gaming consoles, computer parts and items found in a junk drawer.
  • Medium: These are great for photo albums, toys, small kitchen appliances and utensils.
  • Large and Extra Large: Ideal for large dishes, crystal, vases, lamps, blankets and pillows.
  • Wardrobe: Comes with removable metal rods which you can transfer all hanging clothes directly to the rod. To get maximum use of the box, we recommend filling the bottom with shoes, yoga mats or other bulky clothing items.
  • Picture or Mirror: These boxes can be cut down on the dotted line to allow for different sizes. Don’t forget to protect it properly to prevent breakage -- you don’t want seven years of bad luck.
  • TV: Flat screen boxes generally hold up to a 60-in TV. Also make sure to wrap the TV with a blanket or small bubble wrap and stand the TV upright to keep it protected.
  • File boxes: The easiest box and top combo, great for keeping your office files in order.

Filler: Once you have the boxes built, next you will determine what is going into each box. Fillers are used to protecting your property and making sure it doesn't move around during transit.

  • Protection Kits: We have multiple different types of protection kits which include a Dish/Glass Partition kit, Crystal Protection Kit and a Dish Protection Kit. Each of these have a specific box which they will fit best inside. Dish/Glass Partition Kits have easily adjusted dividers for keeping dishes, glasses, and other fragile items safely separated. While the Crystal Protection Kits are best for glassware or tall china and comes with small bubble pack bags. Dish Protection Kits are great for keeping dishes safe in the provided bubble pack bags.
  • Bubble Wrap: Bubble wrap vs bubble bags. Bubble wrap comes in small, medium and jumbo packs and is sold in bulk. It has perforated lines to make the bubble wrap the perfect size for your needs. Bubble bags come in a set of 6 in either a small or large size. The small bags are perfect for protecting glassware and small breakable items. While the large bags are ideal for protecting dishware, plates and crystal.
  • Wrapping Paper and Covers: Spacebox Storage wrapping paper comes in 5 lb or 10 lb rolls of brown paper. You can wrap items in the paper to keep them from getting scratched or crumble the paper up to fill empty spaces in boxes. We also have plastic furniture covers that hold every size of mattress and most chairs and sofas. 

Tape and Labels: Once everything is packed and organized you need to tape and secure everything. After packing, gently shake the box to see if anything moves, if not it is ready to be taped shut. Spacebox Storage has a variety of different tapes depending on your need: Tape with a dispenser, clear or tan tape, 3-pack of tape, or kraft-paper tape. After everything is taped and secure, you can add Content Labels or “Fragile” labels for items that need careful handling.

If you ever have a question on what merchandise you may need, our friendly professionals at Spacebox Storage are always happy to help.

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