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What's the Best Unit for You?


Knowing exactly what you need in terms of storage can be difficult, even if you’ve had experience. There are many different unit sizes that will accommodate all of your belongings. Here are a few of our recommendations to help pick out the right unit:

            First: Take a quick inventory of your belongings. To stay organized we recommend dividing your items up based on size; anything that can fit into a box or tote is considered small. Next, pieces like a chair, paintings or larger decorations should be put into the medium pile. Lastly, couches, mattresses, and appliances are all considered large or extra-large items. This process will help you determine how much space you will need when storing.

            Second: Understand what items can or cannot be stacked. Packing a storage unit is like a puzzle. You of course, want to maximize your space. Most storage units are 8-feet tall and by stacking items, you will be able to store most efficiently. You can set couches, mattresses and dressers on their side and stack totes and hardy boxes.  Also, consider investing in sturdy shelving for smaller boxes and totes.

            Third: Pick the right-sized unit.  

5 x 5: 25 Square Feet - Equivalent to a closet. A 5 x 5 unit will roughly fit a small dresser, small mattress set and some boxes. The best use for these units would be for seasonal decorations, beach gear or totes.

5 x 10: 50 Square Feet -- Equivalent to a walk-in closet. A 5 x 10 unit will roughly fit furniture from a one-bedroom apartment or dorm room. The best use would be for furniture, stackable boxes and totes.

10 x 7.5: 75 Square Feet -- Equivalent to half of a one-car garage, a 10 x 7.5 unit will roughly fit furniture from a one-bedroom apartment with space to move. This unit has a larger door which will give you more room to go through boxes and organize files.

10 x 10: 100 Square Feet -- Equivalent to ¾ of a one-car garage, a 10 x 10 unit will roughly fit the property of a two-bedroom home, mattress sets, dressers, sofa and table. This mid-range unit is the best value for a sparsely furnished home or for getting rid of clutter to stage your home for sale.

10 x 15: 150 Square Feet - Equivalent to a full one-car garage, a 10 x 15 unit will roughly fit the property of a three-bedroom home. The best use of this unit would be anything from big screen TVs that cannot be stacked, pianos, washer and dryer and small business inventories.

10 x 20: 200 Square Feet -- Equivalent to a large family room, a 10 x 20 unit will roughly fit the property contents of a three or four-bedroom home. This is also a generous unit for business inventory and files.

10 x 30: 300 Square Feet -- The largest unit at our facilities, a 10 x 30 unit will roughly fit a fully furnished home or large business inventory. The best use is for a full home with personal shelves and easy stacking. This unit will also fit motorcycles, bikes and paddle boards easily along with seasonal decorations.

Come check out your nearest Spacebox Facility and take a tour today. Actually seeing the unit will help you visualize how your belongings will optimally fit inside. Additionally, our friendly Store Managers would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also, when you sign a lease with Spacebox Storage, you have access to our Free Move-In truck. Call us today to Live Large and get your Move On!

Infographic of storage unit size chart

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